Aston University (UK)

Professor Dr. Helen Higson OBE – Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Aston University & Professor of Higher Education Learning and Management Her previous role was as Head of Learning and Teaching  at  Aston  Business  School,  where  she  still  remains  Professor  of  Higher  Education Learning and Management.  Currently, she leads international relations, learning and teaching, employability, quality assurance, outreach and Schools Liaison.  This also includes intercultural training for staff and candidates, and research into employability competencies. 

Ajmal Hussain – Doctoral Researcher in InterLanD (Interdisciplinary Research into Language and Diversity), Aston University Involved in a number of research projects concerned with mapping continuities and changes at the micro-city level and the significance of these for politicians and policy makers in Birmingham. Mr. Hussain  has  over  ten  years  of  public  sector  experience  in  developing  and evaluating social, economic and regeneration policy, having led and contributed to a number of research studies across a number of functions within central and local government.

Jill Robinson – Project Manager Former Head of the Regional, European and International Division of Birmingham City Council. She was responsible for a team which provided expert guidance to the City Council as well as NGOs and private sector bodies in the city on EU funding, projects and networking. 


Birmingham City Council (UK)

Jackie Mould - Director of Strategic Partnerships and the  Challenge Unit
She is the Director of strategic partnerships since 2007, she has developed the sustainable community strategy for Birmingham, ‘Vision 2026’ and delivered a range of local projects designed to tackle worklessness creating over 2,000 job opportunities for young people.  In 2009, Miss. Mould worked with national Government on piloting ‘Total Place’, a new approach to public service delivery in the UK based on using evidence to design more preventative and cost effective approaches to achieve better outcomes for citizens. Her current focus of work includes developing policy responses to social and economic exclusion and inequality.

Suwinder Bains - Partnership Manager of the Challenge Unit
Miss Bains is currently responsible for shaping social policy in areas of child poverty, neighbourhood working, community engagement and social isolation. She has over 20 years' experience of working in the public sector on social policy development and delivery. Suwinder has led a number of strategic funding programmes, including Future Jobs Fund tackling: youth unemployment and neighbourhood management.

Jennifer Crisp - European Affairs Manager
Miss Crisp is responsible for Birmingham City Council's engagement in European policy and partnerships. She was Chair of the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum which she provided policy support to. She also co-ordinated Birmingham's input into the EUROCITIES Cities for Active Inclusion project (funded under the EU's PROGRESS programme) identifying active inclusion trends, good practices and challenges in cities. From 2008-2009, she was seconded to the national Local Government Association as a Brussels-based Policy and Public Affairs Officer, specialising in issues relating to EU employment and social affairs and their impact on local authorities in England.


Universitat de Barcelona (ES)

Dr. Olga Jubany – Reader in Social Anthropology
Reader in Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona and Director of the European Social Research Unit. Dr. Jubany has published extensively in the fields of social cohesion, social integration and social exclusion, and is a senior member of the Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control (GRECS). She has extensive experience in coordinating projects for various DGs of the European Commission, including the scientific coordination of the FP7 project GENDERACE, and the overall coordination of the DG Employment projects TEAM and LinkAge.  

Prof. Manuel Delgado Ruiz – Professor in Social Anthropology
Professor in Social Anthropology and senior researcher at the University of Barcelona. Dr. Delgado works in the areas of strategies of social exclusion and social control. He has been a member of the Catalan Parliament Commission for the study of immigration and social control and is the founder and Director of GRECS. In addition, he has contributed with numerous articles in national and international journals, and is the editor of the series Social Anthropology; City and Immigration; and Immigration and Culture.

Professor Fernando González Placer – Professor in Sociology of Education and Social Theory
Professor in Sociology of Education and Social Theory and Member of the Academic   Commission   of   the   Department   on   Sociological   Theory, Philosophy and Methodology for Social Science at the University of Barcelona. Dr González Placer carries out research on new methods and processes of social control in the context of globalizations, as well as the imaginary dimensions of identity, subjectivity and sociality in current forms of inclusion  and exclusion. He is also a senior member of GRECS.

Professor Joan Bestard – Professor in Social Anthropology
Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona. Dr. Bestard is the Director of the Consolidated Research Group of Studies on Family and Kinship of the UB and has carried out extensive ethnographic fieldwork in these areas.

Berta Güell - Doctoral Researcher in Sociology
PhD candidate at the department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She works as a researcher at the European Social Research Unit of the University of Barcelona and has contributed to several investigations, mainly related to European projects in the field of social sciences.

Malin Roiha – Research Assistant
MA in Social Anthropology, Stockholm University. She works as a Research Assistant at the European Social Research Unit, where she is committed to both research and coordination tasks, in addition to the elaboration of new research plans at the European level.


Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (DE)

Dr. Simon Guentner – Professor for Social Sciences and Social Policy
Previously was the Senior Policy Officer for Social Affairs at EUROCITIES, where he developed and led a partnership with the European Commission. Over the last years, he has been engaged in numerous EU projects on cities and social cohesion, where he has authored numerous articles and reports on urban development. Currently, he is coordinating a research project on Muslim youth cultures.

Dr. Louis Henri Seukwa – Professor of Educational Science
Research focuses on pedagogical migration, educational processes in the non-formal and informal sectors, as well as postcolonial theories. He evaluated and monitored various European Social Funds projects for combating the exclusion of migrants in to the VET system and into the labour market through counselling, education, training, placement in companies for labour market integration. In 2007 and 2010 Dr. Seukwa gained two academic awards for Intercultural Competence Researches.

Anne-Marie Gehrke – Research Assistant
Currently she is involved several research projects, including “Com.In - Local Strategies for the Active Inclusion of Young People”, which is funded by the EU. Her main working areas are youth social work and youth welfare in deprived areas.


Malmö University (SE)

Professor Dr. Mikael Stigendal – Professor of Sociology
He has participated as a researcher in 28 projects, of which 20 he held a leadership position. Since 2004 he has been a thematic expert in the project called Young people. Currently, he is a commissioner in the Commission for a Social Sustainable Malmö, set up by the City Council. He also leads a scientific study on the implementation, results and effects of ERDF metropolitan efforts.

Martin Grander – Doctoral Researcher
His field of work focuses on social cohesion in cities. Current research themes include young people’s living conditions and the development of Swedish public housing companies. Martin has been involved in a series of international projects and networks. He has written a number of reports and articles dealing with these subjects, and has published a book on mentoring for young people in cities.

Jonas Alwall – Senior Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Started as a researcher in Sociology and then worked as a social worker, for IMER and for Urban Studies. He is program director of the Master’s program Sustainable Urban Management at Malmö University. His current research themes include cosmopolitanism/conviviality and existential perspectives on contemporary life in urban contexts.


City of Malmö (SE)

Pia Hellberg Lannerheim - Senior Policy Officer at the Department of Integration and Employment
MA in Science with Sociology as a main subject. She has monitored and mapped young people in Malmö age 16 – 24 for the last seven years. During 2010, Miss Lannerheim was coordinating a comprehensive project in Malmö with the aim of tackling youth unemployment.

Dr. Sigrid Saveljeff – Policy Officer at the Department of Integration and Employment
Responsible for working with issues such as local development programs, development issues concerning the younger population and the rights of national minorities. Dr. Saveljeff has worked as a researcher and evaluator  at  Malmö  University  for  a  number  of  years,  focusing  on  issues  such  as  political strategies, urban development and initiatives concerning youth and unemployment.


Masaryk University (CZ)

Professor Tomáš Sirovátka – Professor of Social Policy
He is the Director of the Institute of Public Policy and Social Work. He also heads the Brno branch of the Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs.  He is a member of the scientific councils of the Faculty of Social Studies of MU, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and Faculty of Public Policy, Silesian University. Professor Sirovátka has published both nationally and internationally on a wide range of social policy issues and has been the leader of nearly two dozen research projects on these issues.

Jana Valkova – Research Assistant
She is a researcher at the Institute of Public Policy and currently works on the CITISPYCE Project. She graduated from Social Policy and Social Work at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. She is interested in recent developments on the labour markets, gender and social policies, especially family policy.

Anna Krchňavá – Doctoral Researcher
Miss Krchňavá is a doctoral student of social policy and social work at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. Her main field of interest are the Roma communities in Czech Republic and community social work mainly with this group.

Ondřej Hora – Research Assistant
Mr. Hora is an assistant professor at the School of Social Studies, Masaryk University. His research focuses on social policy and primarily on labour market research.


Krakow University of Economics (PL)

Professor Dr. Stanislaw Mazur – Coordinator and Professor of Public Economy
He was the Executive Director of the Centre of Studies on Public Economy and Administration at Kracow Academy of Economics. He was also Director of the Malopolska School of Public Administration and the President of the Public Economy and Administration Foundation. Stanislaw is currently the member of the National Civil Service.

Michal Możdżeń – Doctoral Researcher and Research Associate
His professional experience includes advising corporate social responsibility programmes, analysing innovative practices in the public and private sector. His scientific interests are focused on political economy, public choice theory, new institutionalism, economic growth theories and monopoly and oligopoly theories.

Dr. Maciej Fraczek – Professor in the Department of Public Economy and Administration
Participant in several research projects in the following areas: labour market, local and institutional development, social economy. Scientific interests: labour market, unemployment, employment policy, social policy, social economy, public administration, public policy analysis. Maciej has authored about 50 publications on labour market, employment policy and social economy.


Krakow City (PL)

Janusz Grabiasz – Chief Specialist and LAO Senior Supervisor
Responsible for Kraków’s participation in the Cities for Active Inclusion network. He has extensive connections within Kraków to facilitate contacts to the policymakers and practitioners and assist with dissemination. He currently coordinates the Municipality of Krakó’s involvement in this project.

Sebastian Gryglaszewski – Information and Liaison Manager Officer

PlusConfidence (NL)

Dr. Henk Spies – Director of PlusConfidence Foundation
Dr. Spies worked at the University of Utrecht and in the research department of the municipal social service. He has participated in a number of European research projects. Dr. Spies has provided method training for counselors at social services and public employment services, youth workers and teachers. He has also supported the reorganisation of a delivering organisation and wrote the regional action plan for the combat of youth unemployment in the region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

Suzanne Tan – Cultural Anthropologist and Research Associate
MA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Utrecht. Miss Tan has conducted research on youth at risk, homeless youth, youth in special care and special education, youth in correctional institutions and young illegal refugees. She has also published numerous reports on families and youth at risk.


IMIR - International Centre for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations (BG)

Dr. Maya Kosseva – Coordinator
Dr. Kosseva has profound knowledge of the Bulgarian governmental and non-governmental framework concerning minority issues and extensive experience both in preparation and management of international research projects and in applying anthropological investigative methods, including archive and field-based research techniques.

Dr. Antonina Zhelyakova – Head of the Research Team
She was one of the founders of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee and has been an active member in various human rights organizations. Dr. Zhelyakova has also participated in a large number of research projects and is considered as one of the leading Bulgarian experts on issues of vulnerable community minorities, multiculturalism and migrations. She has published a large number of books and articles on issues of ethnic and religious minorities, identity construction and human rights.

Marko Hajdinjak – Research Assistant
MA in Nationalism Studies, Central European University. He has several publications dealing with nationalism, minority-majority relations, minority rights and migrations. His research interests include the conflicts in former Yugoslavia and creation of post-Yugoslav nation-states, nationalism and development of national identities, and migrations in the Southeast Europe.

Lubomir Petkashev – Research Assistant
MA in Book publishing and a Bachelor’s degree in History of Byzantine Empire and Balkan nations. He has participated in numerous projects of IMIR as a field researcher and interviewer. His interests are in field of marginalized communities and immigrants issues.


KMOP - Kendro Merimnas Oikoyenias Kai Pediou (GR)

Dr. Maria Pothoulaki – Manager and Local Coordinator
Dr. Pothoulaki is a Chartered Psychologist. Her expertise focuses upon applied health psychology and chronic illness. Main research interests can be identified within the areas of health and social psychology, where her main interests are in chronic illness and complementary therapies, family dynamics and gender issues, and community based services. Dr. Pothoulaki has been extensively involved in the development of training material for health professionals and researchers and has substantial experience in research design and methodology issues.

Dr. Pyrros Papadimimtriou - Research Coordinator
Dr. Papadimitriou is a lawyer and economist. In the past he worked in managerial and advisory positions in the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research, ALPHA Bank, European Parliament and HEADWAY Economic Consultants Ltd. He was the co-founder of Four Assist Development Consulting, which mainly undertakes projects in developing countries and countries in transition. At present he is associate professor in international economics at the University of Peloponnese in Greece.

Vassia Karkantzou - Research and Dissemination Assistant
MA in Applied Research on the Development of Innovative Local and Regional Policies and Social Cohesion. She specializes in support services, local and regional development and the active inclusion of disadvantaged groups facing social exclusion. Miss Karkantzou combines her experience as  a social worker with her research background. She has managed and implemented numerous projects focusing on a variety of vulnerable groups.

Aristea Liarokapi – Research Assistant
B.A. in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology. Miss Liarokapi specialises in education, support services, and reconciliation of family and work obligations. She has conducted research in the area of social inclusion of underprivileged women and youth. She is skilled at methodological design and implementation of field and desk research projects, including conducting workshops and focus groups.

Georgia Avatangelou  - Research Assistant for WP1 and WP2


Università Ca’Foscari Venezia (IT)

Professor Pietro Basso – Associate Professor of Sociology
Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage. Professor Basso is also the Director of the Masters programme in migrations, where he teaches sociological theories, globalization and international migrations. His principal fields of study are labour, the relation between the society and the state, racism, globalization processes, migrations, social pathologies.

Francesca Campomori – Research Associate
Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage and member of the Laboratory of research on welfare, citizenship and immigration. Teaches Public and Social Policies. Her principal fields of study are social policy and immigrant integration policies in Italy and Europe.

Dr. Francesco Della Puppa – Research Assistant
Research Fellow and Research Assistant at Laboratory of Research on Immigration at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. His principal fields of study and research are migrations, racism, gender, citizenship, urban spaces. He has written several publications on his topics of interest.

Mauro Ferrari - Research Assistant
PhD in Sociology. Mr. Ferrari teaches analysis and programming of local and national public policies. His principal fields of study are local welfare state, governance, ONGs, migration and social work, organizational studies. He has written several publications on his topics of interest.

Fabio Perocco - Senior Research Fellow
Teaches Sociology of Inequalities, Sociology of Migrations, Methodology of Social Research. Co-ordinator of Laboratory of research on welfare, citizenship and immigration. His principal fields of study are social inequalities, migrations, labour and health. He has written several publications on these topics.